Contract Mechanism

Create your Burnify compatible BEP-20 contract and get your community ready for the next moonshot!


Cumulative AI

Adjust your burn and marketing wallet ratio during contract creation and avoid manual process further.


Safety First

The only requirement is to sending BNBs to the AI contract in your fee distribution function. Then it will automatically detect your token and start tracking.


The path

Contract Creation

On the phase of integrating your smart contract to Burnify.AI, you only do need to set our tax distributor smart contract address as one of your marketing wallet.


Place Your Sale

Release your website, create your sale campaign on PinkSale, build your community with the help of Burnify.AI, and have your smart contract audited by Coinsult!


Get Your Benefits

You will naturally be supported by the community of Burnify.AI since your smart contract will be safe and it will be compatible with our burn mechanism.


Burn Mechanism

The amount of the tax collected from buy and sell transactions are kept in our very intelligent smart contract


When it reaches the enough BNB being decided by our AI in the liquidity, Our smart buyback system monitors the price for +/- movement


If the price decreases enough that is dedicated by our AI, the accumulated BNBs are utilized to initiate a reversal.


If the price increases enough that is dedicated by our AI, the accumulated BNBs are utilized to further boost the price.


Why Burnify.AI?

Community Support

In the nature of our unique mechanism, our community will evolve into a one that is going to support all the projects linked to Burnify.AI!


Free Marketing

Our very unique Telegram Bot has been impoved way better. Now, it supports listing the pending and active projects that are linked to Burnify.AI based on the filters by their market capacity, holder amount and volume.


Changes on the Bot

  • Now, it doesn't only notify our community if there will be a buyback, but it also does have some great commands to check the status of the bot, buyback-ready balance and the liquidity amount of the contract, and the history of all the buybacks.


  • NAME: BurnifyAI

    SYMBOL: BurnifyAI

    SUPPLY: 100.000.000

    PRESALE: 67%

    LIQUIDITY: 33%



    TAX: 5% / 5% / 5%


Phase 1

  • Launch
  • Activating Telegram bot to notify the community
  • Get $BURNIFYAI Trending on AveDex
  • CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap Listings

Phase 2

  • Post-Launch marketing
  • Community Partnerships
  • Social infrastructure to support meme tokens
  • Releasing our system to public use for more marketing funds

Phase 3

  • First CEX Listing